For financial analysis and business advice

Rajan Enterprises Pty Ltd was formed in 1998 to provide management and financial analysis consulting services to businesses in Sydney and nationwide. Our aim is to provide quality products and services that result in satisfied clients. In 2005, we began designing a system of policies and procedures, forms and templates that can be readily customised for any industry. These have successfully been used to assist a number of organisations, to achieve ISO 9001 quality certification.

Project Management

Our Director Raymond Janz has a background in accounting and management in a number of industries including professional services and manufacturing, ranging from small organisations to multi-national corporations. He has been involved in the development and implementation of software products; understands the requirements of computer networks and infrastructure and is a member of the Institute of Management Consultants in Australia. To find out how your business can benefit from Raymond’s extensive expertise, please call Rajan Enterprises today.

Office Management

Run your office more efficiently and improve productivity with the help of Raymond from Rajan Enterprises. Raymond has managed law firms in Brisbane and Sydney and is retained by a number of firms on a regular basis. Speak to Raymond and get real help with implementing policies and procedures, budgeting and cashflow analysis, marketing strategies and technology upgrades.

His intuitive analysis enables him to quickly identify areas for improvement in staffing, technology and procedures. He has improved credit control while managing the office of a mining equipment company. As assistant accountant for a multi-national aluminium company, he oversaw all functions of the office and maintained the HR requirements of the office and an extrusion plant, as well as redesigning, editing and promoting the company magazine. The furniture factory he managed increased production significantly during his time as manager.

Project Management

Raymond has assisted law firms throughout Australia to implement practice management systems, some involving both hardware and software integration. Asproduct manager of an Australian software company he introduced testing processes to control software releases, improve efficiency and reduce rework. Rajan Enterprises has assisted a number of companies to achieve ISO 9001 certification within months and helped two law firms to achieve Law 9000 accreditation.

The company has managed projects to transfer the data in Microsoft SQL databases from partnerships to companies, combine two databases into one for a merger of firms and split a database when a merged firm separated into two. Other consulting projects include reviewing a SQL database to change data fields into more meaningful codes, preparation and management of detailed spreadsheets to control a multi-million dollar design project and maintenance of a number of Crystal Reports. To streamline your business operations while ensuring full legal compliance, speak to Raymond today.

Quality Assurance

Consolidate your business policies and procedures and ensure you meet your quotas while maintaining high standards with our quality assurance consulting services. Our Director has studied the requirements for ISO 9001 quality assurance and developed a consulting methodology that assists organisations to implement quality management systems quickly and effectively.

In 2004, Raymond studied the Law 9000 quality certification course at the College of Law in Sydney. While assisting one law firm to attain Law 9000 certification, he successfully negotiated the use by Rajan Enterprises of the templates that were designed. This allowed him to prepare a business manual, forms and templates that have been coded for use in any industry. These templates form part of the Rajan Business System, a staged implementation process that caters to the budget and resources of any organisation. This gives Rajan Enterprises great flexibility in the way it provides quality assurance consulting. Call today to find out more.